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The Case of The Lost Quilts

On October 3rd, Darla M, who lives in Scott Depot, West Virginia, contacted Firehouse Quilts. She had been shopping at her local Goodwill store and came across seven quilts that had been made by Firehouse Quilts and one quilt with a label on it from St. Frances Cabrini Piecemakers in Littleton, Colorado. They looked to be in “absolutely pristine condition, with no sign of wear” according to Darla. She did some research about Firehouse Quilts and inquired if she could purchase them and return them to us.

What a surprise that someone would be kind enough to put forth the effort to purchase and return the snuggle quilts to FHQ. According to the Goodwill employee, they “buy” donations from all over and she thought these were in a shipment from Aurora, Colorado.

Needless to say, it would be wonderful if someone was able to solve the mystery of the lost and traveling quilts. If you have any ideas about the mystery, please feel free to contact Firehouse Quilts.


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