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Come Sew With Us!

Join Us!

We are currently sewing once a month at Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum at their Littleton location, 10201 W Bowles Avenue.  To keep up-to-date on location and dates of sew days, please join our Sew Day email list.  Our schedule for 2024 is below.

Sew Day Reminders
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Step One:  Sew it!

Sew Days are ‘work’ days for Firehouse Quilts volunteers.  Bring your machine and personal sewing tools, and be ready to sew.  You may choose fabric from our stash, your stash, or pick up one of our kits.


Can’t come to a Sew Day?  No problem, help from home!  Feel free to use your own stash and try new patterns.  Once finished, drop it off at a Sew Day.

If you live out of town or just want to mail a finished top or quilt, please notify us and we will provide a mailing address.

Step Two:  Quilt it!

Quilt the top on your domestic machine.  Try it!  Batting is provided for you.

We also have a small group of longarm quilters who donate their time to quilt for Firehouse Quilts.  If you choose to place your quilt in the To-Be-Quilted (TBQ) bin, please make sure the back is pieced large enough and binding (cut to 2.5") is included.  The backing must be 3-4" larger than the top on all four sides.  For example, if the quilt top is 40" x 44", then the back must be AT LEAST 46" x 50".  Additionally, be sure the back is cut straight on all four edges to allow proper placement on the longarm machine.  Selvage edges should not be included in seams, because selvages are woven tighter than the rest of the fabric; including the selvage can cause the fabric to become distorted and not lie flat.  No need to include batting.


A TBQ form should be included with the quilt so it can be returned to you for binding, adding a label, and to be washed. Please note that it can take several months for quilts to be returned.  Download the form here.  

Step Three:  Label it!

A Firehouse Quilts label needs to be sewn in one corner on the back of the quilt so the label will show through the bag when it is folded and bagged.  Quilts labels are provided.

Step Four:  Wash it!

It is very important that all quilts be free of any pet hair and fragrances when turned in.  They should be washed with unscented detergent and unscented dryer sheets if used.

Step Five:  Donate it!

Bring your completed quilt to a sew day or mail it!  Contact us for a mailing address.

Thank you for making a difference!

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