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Quilt Delivery to Denver Police Department

On December 1st, Jeanne L. met with Ty C - DPD Technician and Shannon C -DPD Civilian Report Technician and delivered 32 quilts.

Shannon related two stories about how she was able to give quilts to children in need. She happened on the scene of a 3 car accident. She noticed that a First Responder had her own coat off and was using that coat to cover and keep warm the small child she was holding. The First Responder said additional help was 40 minutes away. Shannon was able to give two quilts out, one for the small child and another for her sister. The first responder got her coat back. It was a cold day.

A police station is not a friendly environment to a small child and the stations are not warm. Shannon was able to give a quilt to a small child (probably prior to child welfare and mother being processed). The quilt given had a unicorn design with lots of bright pink colors. The child was holding onto a unicorn doll with pink colors. We can only imagine the comfort she felt when she put that quilt around herself and her doll.

Our quilts are being put into police cars in 6 Denver precincts and the airport. They are very well received, with more and more officers asking for quilts to put in their vehicles.


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