March Sew Day Very Productive

On March 16th, forty three members were thrilled to be together once again for a sew day. The last sew day together was in November, 2021. There was an astounding number of 304 beautiful quilts to see during the bed turning and then they were bagged and labeled for storage. In addition to the quilts, there were pillow cases, bags, crocheted afghans, receiving blankets and hats turned in. The members were able to pick up fabrics, kits, and batting to replenish their supplies. Our volunteers are such a generous and caring group.

Kim, a Mom of a patient at Craig Hospital, visited the sew day to see the process of taking in the quilts and preparing them for storage. Kim's son received a FHQ quilt and they are both very appreciative for that. She had inquired about pillow cases for Craig patients and was lucky enough to be directed to Barbara C, a member of FHQ. Barbara kindly took the time to teach her how to make them. In the future all quilts being donated to Craig will also have a pillow case with it. It was good to hear from Kim and learn how much the quilts make an impact on so many lives at Craig Hospital.


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