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Firehouse Quilts Celebrates 20th Anniversary

On June 7th, the members of Firehouse Quilts met at the Roxborough Community Center to celebrate their 20th anniversary. In October of 2003 Dusty D founded the nonprofit and started donating quilts to fire departments. As the years went by quilts were being donated to hospitals, an ambulance company, shelters, and many human services departments across Colorado. During the twenty years there have been over 18,500 quilts made and donated to children/patients in crisis. This huge accomplishment is made possible by the dedicated group of volunteers of FHQ.

Over 60 members attended the party and were able to look at the history of the group through memorabilia, a slide presentation, and scrapbooks. A wonderful memory quilt was made by the members and presented to Jacque S, the current president of Firehouse Quilts. Each block was signed by a member and the beautiful firetruck logo was embroidered and incorporated into the quilt.

Thank you to Mary P, Barbara M, Christin T, Joyce S and Gwen C who made this celebration possible.

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