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FHQ Supports the Women's Bean Project

Five members of Firehouse Quilts (Barbara C, Barbara Mc., Jacque, Lynn and Sara VH) recently toured the Women's Bean Project (WBP) new facility prior to attending the 2023 graduation/fundraising event. And what an event it was! Over 300 supporters of the WBP met in the Seawall Ballroom for a luncheon to hear from the CEO and recent graduates of the importance of the WBP in the lives of many women.

In 1989, founder Jossy Eyre invested $500 of her own money to put two women to work - the beginning of the WBP! Since that time, the WBP strives to:

  • Enhance personal readiness

  • Secure upward economic mobility,

  • Identify talents and help build positive relationships,

  • Build confidence and self-esteem,

  • Help women move from dependence to self feliance, and

  • Make lasting changes in the women's lives - often regaining the ability to support their children.

FHQ is happy to offer quilts to the WBP - which are given as graduation gifts to each woman as she moves out of this program. What a wonderful reminder of the strides she has made. We are also offering baby blankets and hats for babies born to current program participants.


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